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o will win the Hans Christian Andersen Prize in the future," he concluded.German illustrator Sonja Danowski has drawn the pictures for▓ Cao's "Gr

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ass Hut", a novel which mirrors the memorable years of a boy's primary school life amid deeply moving and profoundly touching events."I met Cao two ye

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ars ago here in Bologna, he saw my works and liked the style, because he likes a realistic interpretation of stories, and so▓ h

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e thought that my style could be suitable for his books. He suggested me as his illustrator▓ and I felt really honored," she told Xinhua."When th

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e editor sent me the English translat▓ion of Grass Hut, I read it and I immediately knew that I wanted to draw the pictures, because during reading I a

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lready had them in my head ... It was very inspiring, I love the Chinese mood, it is a▓mazing how those written words can stimula

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t▓e the imagination," she added.Danowski defined▓ Cao as "a master in describing characters and the nature, plans and animals surrounding t▓hem."She observed

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that there is a "special se▓nsitivity about the human spirit" in Chinese stories which she said are deeply "human and full of respect."What ma▓de her feel es

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